The Learning Kits

The videos are a part of a larger whole, derived from the project Moving Forward, done in Holland 2006. The project was a collaboration between D.Dock in Amsterdam, the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) and the Dutch government.

The project sought to look at the current hospital experience and conceptualize solutions that would drive toward graduating patients faster and without medical means. We did a guerrilla style interviews with patients, doctors, nurses and even stayed in hospitals ourselves for 24 hours, as patient and as visitors.

The videos are series of five scenarios that address some of the issues we came across during the research phase. The Welcome Kit, The Learning Kits, Visiting Hours, Hospi TV and Good Night Kiss. The videos were used as discussion tool and a way to visualize concepts, without going into too much detail.

The videos I shot and edited in a none stop 24 hours session.

The Learning Kits 2/5 from Haraldur Már Unnarsson on Vimeo.

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