Il CineVolo

CineVolo is a combination of two Italian words cinema + tavolo (cinema and table CinAble). CineVolo, is a project done with ID-LAB.

A table in place of a projection surface, a special cinema that has a vertical screen instead of a horizontal one. A table made of nine cardboard boxes containing objects belonging to our past. On the tabletop a series of smaller boxes, each one of them referring to a theme: envy, geography, people, love. Each box has an embedded rfid tag. As they approach, visitors can peep into the bigger boxes, peruse in the smaller ones, hold them in their hands and placing a box on a precise spot of the table will start off an audio and video file consistent with the theme inside the box. In practice, the table functions as a multimedia portfolio of all the things that lie behind our projects. A narrative encompassing space, interior design, graphic design, interaction design, video, audio and our passions.

Il CineVolo from Haraldur Már Unnarsson on Vimeo.

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