Syntax Blink

Syntax Blink is about the essence of Interaction Design.

While studying at the (IDII) Interaction Design Institute Ivrea I was asked to explain what Interaction Design is in a 30 sec spot.

At the time, everyone had digital diarrhea on a high level. LED’s and RFID tags where like the Interaction Designers porn at the time. And there was a common joke that went around the IDII community. The joke went something like this… “If you can blink an LED using a wiring board and code, you are already an interaction designer”.

The video I shot and edited in a span of 8 hours. Using a Sony TRV 900, tripod and a remote control in the middle of a wet and cold night of my Talponia bathroom.

Syntax Blink from Haraldur Már Unnarsson on Vimeo.

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  1. Laszlo Csaba Herczeg says:

    I Love it!

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