Haraldur is originally from Iceland and has spent more than fifteen years working and studying abroad. He has gained invaluable insights and experiences along the way, across disciplines and in multi-cultural environments. In the year 2000 he obtained his Industrial Design degree, (BA DAE) from the Design Academy Eindhoven, one of the most prestigious design schools in Europe, and in 2005 he obtained his MA in Interaction Design from the Interaction Design Institute Ivrea (IDII) in Italy. Having these cultural insights from various countries, Haraldur has a wide worldview and a deep understanding of the different design thinking, business orientation and human aspects of different cultures and societies.

Over the years, Haraldur has played various roles in producing valuable design work for companies and organizations in the technology sector among others, in companies such as Todo, Experientia, CIID, Nokia, Philips, Hitachi, Orange, Kodak, Swisscom and BBC London. Through design innovation and the use of a strategic  design approach, he has helped these global corporations continue to create value in their vision, products and services.

Since January 2008, Haraldur has been based in Dalian, China where he has been undertaking some challenging design projects for a few selected international companies that operate in the North East China region.